Lakeview 2nd Level Addition

This fast pace second level addition in Lakeview has received a lot of attention in this quite neighborhood by neighbors and house visitors. Ana Borden designed the second level addition on this previous one story residence and drew from her experience completing complicated multi-million dollar institutional projects. The overall project, including designing the second level addition included tieing into the existing conditions in order to preserve the remaining exterior lot for a new pool. The Architect constructed a three dimensional model in Revit to convey to the Clients the design intent while adhering to all required building codes. The challenge also included providing roof slopes within the allowable existing chimney distances, stair clearances, desired room sizes and working with the structural engineer to design connections and structural member sizes to fit the constraints listed above. Also, extensive coordination was required for the second addition, including supports designed by the structural engineer in conjunction with the existing pre and post tensioned slab. The Architect’s intent was also to create a seamless addition that appears to have been part of the existing residence while not impacting the remaining lot. Overall, the final construction fulfilled the Client’s goals of adding a bedroom and bathroom as well as additional storage space within their time frame and, of course, budget.

Construction: Fall/Winter 2017-2018